InfoData Romania

eXpert Dining    InfoData SRL, as a software developer and solutions integrator, made for sale in
the restaurant the eXpert Dining software application.
   It can be integrated into InfoNOTE (a specialized system for sale in the restaurant),
or complete sale system that you already have.

   The application runs on devices with OS: Android, Windows Mobile and Palm, allowing:
   - data acquisition: users, types of products, goods
   - transmission of orders and printing: marking bills, bills and tax receipts.

   The commands sent from the mobile device (phone, PDA or Palm) are interpreted
by InfoNOTE.
   Depending on the specific case, are listed: bonds marking bills, tax receipts
and the commands are closed.
   Infusion of data from eXpert Dining to InfoNOTE allows continuous monitoring of restaurant activity irrespective of the organization,
   number of rooms it serves.

   The advantages of the eXpert Dining application:
   a. careful monitoring of clients due to phone storage of paper dining room
   b. service in the shortest time by retrieving and transmitting them besides customer orders
   (without having to move the waiter to delivery receipts marking), considerably shortening the required time:
   1. the takeover of the customer orders.
   2. passing orders to departments
   3. orders closure at the end of consumptions
   4. listing bills and tax bill
   All this is done directly on the mobile device, next to the client by a click.

   Ways of collecting and managing orders in a restaurant:
   1) classic : the waiter writes the command in his book and the bill is completed manually.
   Time consuming and error possibilities are overly large.
   2) touch screen system: the waiter introduces the command into the system using a touch screen monitor.
   Time consuming and error possibilities are significantly reduced.
   3) using the eXpert Dining application on mobile devices: the waiter introduces the command into the system next to the client.
   Closing consumption, listing the bill and tax bill are automatically made with a click next to the customer.
   Time consuming and error possibilities are minimized.
   The waiter leaves the area only to deliver the command, bring the bill, or to use the card at POS.

   At this time, there is no other safer and easier system able to allow:
   a. shortening the preparation and delivery of the order
   b. increasing of the customer satisfaction level through quality of services
   c. automatic collection of information on the evolution of direct sales through the InfoNOTE program
   d. the posibility of data transfer to the InfoGES program, specialized in inventory management

   The above listed options allow the increase of services quality, the waiters spend most of their time in the restaurant at the client disposal.
   The InfoNOTE, InfoHOTEL and the InfoGES applications package allows tracking and optimizing of the activities at the restaurant,
   hotel and/or resort.

   For a small location we offer the eXpert Dining system, composed of: phone/tablet with the Android OS, printer (for printing bills) and
   the fiscal cash register